Manages Container Yard Operations for Empty and Laden (Export & Import) Containers at a Depot connected by Road and/or Rail (CFSs, ICDs, Rail Terminals, etc.). Also Manages Cargo Operations for Stuffing & De-stuffing Containers.


LogStar Depot Plus can:

  • Tracking Container History.
  • Pre-Advise updates possible for containers coming in by Road or Rail:
  • In and Out Operations Execution at Road or Rail Gates.
  • Standard and Customised Validity Checks (including applicable Validity Checks by various Authorities like the Customs, etc.) for Containers entering and leaving the Depot.
  • Mapping Container Positions in Depot/Stacks.
  • Mapping Container Handling Equipments and their Log-Books.
  • Manage Vessel or Train Voyages and their Cut-Off updates.
  • Manage Movements from Depot Stack to Rail Siding and vice versa.
  • Manage Export Bookings for Empty Containers.
  • Manage Depot/Yard Housekeeping.
  • Segregating 'Chargeable' and Non-Chargeable' intra yard shiftings/handling.
  • Seal Number Series Control for Liner Seals.
  • Manage Container related Special Service Requests (SSRs).
  • Manage Reefer Operations (Plugging, De-Plugging, Monitoring, PTI, Run-Tests, etc.).
  • Capturing Movements of Export and Import Laden Containers to other Yards on 'Customs Bond'.
  • Long-standings (or Long-stays) Containers Follow-up.
  • Add-on LogStar Container M&R and LogStar Inventory Control modules included.