Logstar is an Integrated System for Multi-Purpose Cargo Terminals by Envecon, head-quartered in Denmark, specializes in IT Services and Consultancy to the Port & Terminals, Logistics & Transportation Industry. Logstar provides centralized application support service and training, including end-to-end ERP implementation leveraging global delivery capabilities with domain expert consultants.

Logstar is currently deployed in leading terminals over 20 countries with 32 live sites. With 8 years of practice and over 20 years of domain knowledge, the Logstar team delivers insights that are of proven value.

Our Value Proposition:

• Comprehensive Terminal Management System
• Backed by Powerful Billing System
• Seamless Integration with ERP &
• Low Total Costs of Ownership
• Intuitively Built
• Future-ready and Scalable

Logstar effectively supports the complete business process in the Ports and Terminals Industry. It can connect end-to-end the various stakeholders in the Ports and Terminals community to exchange information, without compromising confidentiality.


The demo will give you insights into:

  • Operational bottlenecks and complexities around revenue management
  • How processes are streamlined to increase productivity
  • How mobility helps in improving operational effectiveness
  • Latest technologies and best industry practices


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